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Weddings & Engagements

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is a very important and sometimes stressful decision.

I shoot weddings the same way a photojournalist will take photographs; I will capture you favorite candid moments and tell your story with it, so you can recall exactly how magical it felt on that day.



My rates for engagements are $300 a session for digital and $400 for digital+film.

Unlike many photographers for portrait sessions, I do not charge by the hour, because some people are more comfortable than others in front of a camera, and I genuinely believe that you have to allocate the right amount of time for people to be comfortable and for the portrait session to be successful, especially for something as intimate as engagement portraits.


I have two wedding packages available:

$2,500 package: 8 hours of coverage of your wedding, on digital. What you include in those 8 hours is up to you. If you don't want 4 hours of me shooting reception pictures, it is your choice and we will allocate that time somewhere else.

$3,500 package: 8 hours of coverage, on digital AND film. I have yet to meet a client that didn't love the pictures I took on film. It has that sweet nostalgia and pastel colors that give your pictures a timeless vibe.

NB: For both packages, a second photographer is included in the price, because two photographers make it a lot easier to captures all the beautiful moments that will happen on your wedding day.

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